Ghanaian Language Learning Experience.

I was a bit unwilling to learn some Ghanaian languages because I felt I’d have no need of them. For Twi, I did not like the fact that some people made it look like Ghana’s official language was Twi, and so it was compulsory for every Ghanaian to know how to speak the language. It annoyed me, and so I just decided not to learn it. I didn’t like it when I told someone I could not speak Twi and they said “and you’re Ghanaian?” Or “Eii”. Ghana’s official language is English, and besides, I speak my local language (Krobo), so what’s the issue?

To me, learning a language was a choice, so I did not need to be compelled to do it. I learn languages I want to learn without anyone pushing me or convincing me to do it.

I finally decided to learn Twi and Ga because I realised my inability to speak these two languages was becoming a barrier, and a language barrier is one thing I would always ensure to avoid. I couldn’t get involved in certain conversations, because the other party could neither speak English nor Krobo. So, I took the challenge to get better at speaking Twi and Ga, because I actually understand when someone speaks, and I can speak them too (but just a bit).

Well, so in my process of trying and learning to speak these two languages, I did not even care about the mistakes I made, because my foreign languages lecturers and tutors always advised that we speak the languages, regardless of the mistakes we make.

I decided to apply this and I didn’t even care how many mistakes I made in constructing a single sentence. I realised I was getting a bit better, and I was happy about my progress.

Some people laughed at the mistakes I made, as well as the tone I used when speaking. I didn’t really mind. However, there were some who made very unappealing comments and I got very sad whenever I heard them. On one of such occasions, I actually took time to think about it and all I could do was cry. That, however, did not stop me from trying again.

It’s okay if you laugh at me, and the mistakes I make, but making derogatory statements is just too much, and beyond.

Truth be told, these kind of statements or comments can hinder people from becoming better at whatever they’re trying to work on. If there’s no encouragement to forge ahead, there’d be no motivation to continue.

It’s best to be silent if you can’t be nice.

Simply sharing my experiences and what I’ve learnt.